Killiney to Dalkey Walk – Ireland

Dublin, Irland, Reise

A while ago I was starting to feel so fed up by the city, and I realized I missed being in nature. I had a day off so I did some research online to see if I could find some pretty walks close to town. I saw some pictures from Killiney. They have a beautiful beach and a hill you can climb, to get a view over both Dublin and Wicklow Mountains.. I was sold.

Apparently walking from Killiney to Dalkey was supposed to be a great hike, so I decided to do that. I took the Dart from Tara Station and ended up in Killiney. I went off the station and felt relieved right away. The ocean and all the blue:



I sat down by the beach and listened to the waves and felt so peaceful. I took a recording of the waves as well and I think I will try to create some music to put on top of the clips.

After a while I decided to climb the hill. I was able to see where it was, but no idea how to get there. I started walking upwards in between big and expensive houses and I felt so misplaced in my hiking clothes. I still was not able to find the way so I bought an ice-cream and gave up. I started walking down to the village again and towards Dalkey. I saw the forest and a steep hill and I decided; I did not come all the way to not climb that damn hill. I was not on the hiking track, but I did not care. Suddenly I felt like a wild woman. I climbed rocks and crawled through bushes and cobwebs, and finally got to a clearing. It was beautiful.


I sat there for a while and laughed at myself. When I finally got to the tracks I had leaves in my hair and felt so dirty when I saw all the other people hiking that day. Oh well…

Killiney Hill (Irish: Cnoc Chill Iníon Léinín) is crowned by an obelisk. I did not take any pictures of it unfortunately as there were quite a lot of tourists that day. The hill is over 150 meters high and gives a great view to its surroundings.


I started walking down to get to Dalkey where I would find something to eat and then take the Dart back to Dublin. I saw this super pretty, pink house that has a great view over the Irish Ocean. I want to live there.


I did not take any pictures in Dalkey, but it was such a beautiful village. I had lunch at Select Stores, which is a great vegetarian health store and Café. I had a bean burger and it was so good. I really want to go back to Dalkey, maybe around Christmas as I think it would be so cute there at that time of the year.



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