Barcelona – November 2015


Hi again,

I just came back from a week long holiday in Barcelona. It has been an experience, and I have seen a lot. I would like to make several post from this trip where I write about some of the places that I saw.

I had never been to Spain before now, and I was not disappointed. I had received a lot of warnings regarding pickpockets, but I think, as long as you keep an open eye and keep track of your belongings, you should be fine. We also traveled outside of season, so it was not very crowded.

Going to Barcelona in November was just fine. The weather was nice and the sun was shining. It was around 20 degrees, not too warm and not too cold. Going back to cold and rainy Dublin was really hard.


We lived in a hostel. This was actually my first time in a hostel. We had a private room, because as a newbie I am not quite ready for sharing a room with plenty of strangers. I liked the experience as it is easy to talk to other travelers, and I was able to save some money.

When it came to food I was able to survive. There are quite a lot of restaurants that serve vegetarian dishes, and not just pizza margarita. On our last night we ate at Veggie Garden. I did not take any pictures, but I wish I did. The food was so good and I rolled happily back to the hostel.

I think Barcelona would be a city I’d be comfortable to live in. Maybe some day….


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