La Sagrada Familia – Barcelona (November 2016)


Visiting Sagrada Familia must be the number 1 place to visit as a tourist in Barcelona.  Sagrada Familia is a large roman catholic church in Barcelona. They started building it 1883, and it is still not finished. The architect behind the symbolic building was Antoni Gaudi, who died in 1926.


We ordered tickets online from from their official website, as we did not want to queue. We did not want a guided tour so tickets were 15 euros, 4,50 euros extra to visit the towers.


Christian belief is expressed through the architecture, and it is full of details.


It is so beautiful when the light hits the windows and the colors dance around the church.


If you a willing to pay a little extra, you can visit the towers. I am really happy that we did as this really made the visit much more exciting. You are able to get such a great view over Barcelona and it is so amazing being so high up (and a bit scary..).IMG_4131

I hope I will be able to experience this church once it’s finished. That would be truly amazing.



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