Neon Nature Tour: Marina & The Diamonds.


Marina Diamandis, better known for her stage name Marina And The Diamonds, is a welsh/greek singer. She released her first studio album in 2010, Family Jewels. I became a fan of Marina after hearing Primadonna from her second album Electra Heart. Electra Heart is still one of my favorite album and it has been with me through several different stages of me in the past years. A few years ago she was having a concert in Sweden and I really wanted to go, but as I was under 18 I would not be able to access the venue. Yes, I would travel to my neighbor country to see her.

This summer when she released her tour dates for the Neon Nature Tour (After releasing her third album Froot), I saw that she was going to Dublin. And NOTHING was gonna stop me this time.

Her concert was being held at The Academy, and she performed two shows.


The opening act was Wyvern Lingo. GIRLPOWER!


The show was split into three parts. She performed her most known songs from her 3 albums, starting with Family Jewels. She looked so damn beautiful!


For «Electra Heart» she brought a well known figure for fans. A puppy called Marilyn (it’s a fluffy robot pupp). I think Electra Heart is my favorite album, because I just love the idea of an alter ego. It was actually Electra Heart that inspired me to create Valerie Jean.


To finish of the show she performed her latest album «Froot» with a giant blue cherry on her head. Her costumes are so fun and theatrical.


I think this is the best concert that I have been to. Marina performed an amazing show, the audience knew all the songs and I was not pushed and squeezed by the people around me. I sang and danced and had the best time in a long time. YAAAAS QUEEEN SLAAAY!

Xx Maja


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