It’s Guinness time! – Dublin

Konsert/Teater/Museum+, Reise

I would say that the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin is the #1 place for tourists to go. After living in Ireland for a year it was finally time for me to explore this place as well. I am not a Guinness girl. I don’t really like the taste of it, but I really did enjoy visiting the storehouse anyway.

IMG_3797IMG_3830IMG_3800IMG_3831IMG_3799IMG_3814IMG_3807IMG_3826IMG_3824IMG_3852IMG_3811IMG_3851Decorated for Christmas.

IMG_3846IMG_3839IMG_3866Included in the price of the ticket you get a pint of Guinness that you can enjoy in the The Gravity Bar. The bar was actually my main reason for visiting Guinness as you get an amazing view over town.


Oh, yes please.

I think they managed to make the tour really fun and it was not as I had expected. There were several things there that you could try out like a photo booth, learn how to make the perfect pint and learn about the history.

Have a lovely Sunday!



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